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Hearst Castle Series 4: The Egyptian Goddess & the Marble Masterpieces in the gardens of Hearst Castle

Offered by: Hearst Castle
Program Description:
Stroll through the gardens of Hearst Castle, and learn about the marble statuary, and sarcophagi located throughout the gardens. Gaze at the Egyptian Goddess Sekmet, and get an up-close look at the details carved in to these 4 sculptures of her from over 3000 years ago! Get in in-depth look at these works of art, and discover their orgin, history, and how they came to be placed in the gardens of America’s biggest Media Mogul by unlocking the story of William Hearst, as a prominent Art Collector of the early 20th Century. (Program Length: 30-45mins)(Outside Program – iPad) ***The earlier this program is scheduled, the easier it will be to conduct without worrying about the general public getting in the camera view.