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Hearst Castle Series 6: Before there was a Castle, there was a Ranch

Offered by: Hearst Castle
Program Description:
Discover the history of Hearst Ranch while walking down the pier in San Simeon Bay. Learn how the ranch was originally purchased by George Hearst, William’s father, over 150 years ago and discover the origins of his fortune. Uncover the early uses of this property, including the use of San Simeon Bay as a shipping & whaling port. Explore the reasons why William Hearst chose to build his dream home, La Cuesta Encantada, on top of a 1600’ mountain, and the difficulties that came with that undertaking. Discuss how the ranch is being used today, as the largest grass-fed, hormone free cattle ranch in the United States, and how a multi-government agency collaboration is protecting the ocean waters bordering the ranch to preserve the rich biodiversity found here. (Program Length: 30-45mins) (Outside Program – iPad)