Buffalo Soldiers: An American Legend on the Western Frontier
6/02/2020 12:45pm (Central Time)

(10:45am PT, 11:45am MT, 1:45pm ET)

Offered by: Fort Larned
Program Description:
Explore the legend and reality of service among the Buffalo Soldiers. Formed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in 1866, the 10th Cavalry was the first of four regiments for African-American and non-white soldiers in the regular Army. Native Americans dubbed them "Buffalo Soldiers" because of the resemblance of their hair to bison fur and their tenacity. The 10th Cavalry was sent to Fort Larned in 1867 but was deployed across the Great Plains and Southwest during the Indian Wars and afterwards. The troopers and their commanders served with distinction in the face of racism and discrimination, even as they became part of the mythology of the West.