Meet The War of 1812 Militia Veteran
Fee: $150.00

Offered by: Sheffield Museum of Rural Life
Program Description:
The longstanding legend that Upper Canada was saved from the American invasions of 1812 by its popular militia has failed to stand up to modern historical investigation. Militia duty was in fact avoided by most citizens of Upper Canada at all costs. While many Upper Canadians did not care whether their government was British or American, a significant number were loyal British subjects who would have felt strongly about fighting the invasions. In this session, students and teachers will interview a loyal militia veteran, who will discuss the war, daily life ca. 1812, and his views regarding the issues of that era. The militia veteran is prepared to discuss: -The hostile situation following the American Revolution and leading up to the War of 1812 -Causes of the War of 1812 -The militia of Upper Canada -The American Invasion -Life in Upper Canada during the war -Britain's handling of the war and the peace treaty -the aftermath of the War of 1812