Meet The Medieval Crusader
Fee: $150.00

Offered by: Sheffield Museum of Rural Life
Program Description:
is estimated that close to 100,000 people left Europe to take part in the First Crusade. Most of them were peasants, and most never returned home. There were many subsequent crusades, but none could claim the same degree of "success" as the First Crusade, which achieved its objective of capturing Jerusalem. The character for this session is a peasant, reflecting the often overlooked role of peasants in medieval warfare. This crusader can discuss his motivations for going on the journey, describe the journey itself, recount the battles and sieges, and reflect on the aftermath. He is also prepared to discuss all facets of medieval life in order to give an understanding of the background of the crusaders, such as the manor system, agriculture, religion, daily life, gender roles, crime & punishment, warfare, health, family life, social hierarchy, and entertainment. The students and teacher direct the discussion through their questions. The peasant will have on hand farm tools, weapons, sports equipment, and coins, and can teach them a medieval dance with live music on the bagpipes. The peasant's home is an accurate reproduction of a medieval interior wall inside a home in the English village of Tintinhull.