Talk to an Ossie

Program Description:
1. We introduce the program with a discussion on the time zone and temperature differences between our two locations. This leads to a discussion on Australia's location relative to your class and why Australia's land mass is situated in the Pacific.
2. We then cover Australia's general geography, from the Great Dividing Range and coral reef through to it's semi-arid desert, alpine areas and temperature regions.
3. We then look at the arrival of indigenous people to Australia and their stewardship of the environment. This leads onto a brief discussion of 'bush tucker' foods used by Australian aboriginals in the Sydney area.
4. The program moves on to discuss the arrival of Europeans. We discuss modern Australia's initial convict history and then move onto how agriculture and mining transformed the colony
5. On Federation Australia became a unified nation of 6 States and 5 Territories under the Constitution in 1901. We discuss the remaining ties to England and how the political system operates.
6. We discuss the money used in Australia and how counterfeiting is stopped with modern technology.
7. We discuss general culture; food and language i.e. what is it like to live in Australia?