Fort Larned and the Santa Fe Trail

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Program Description:
In 1825, a few short years after a Missouri trader named William Becknell journeyed into Mexico and back, the U.S. government surveyed a length of terrain that would become known as the Santa Fe Trail. Soon the two-way business highway would become an international trade route, risky yet prosperous, and eventually altering the landscape. Trader's caravans ventured into the unknown, risking confrontations with tribes like the Kiowa, and southern bands of Cheyenne and Arapahoe, to name a few. A series of military forts, including Fort Larned, were established to protect travelers, escort government supply wagons, and maintain the peace. A park ranger will transport you back in time to a dusty trail in the vicinity of a lonely outpost that was Fort Larned. Today the historic site tells of a legacy with a stunning visual landscape and nine original sandstone buildings that surround a parade ground.