Painting Hummingbirds- Art Online Interactive Class- Bonus program
8/17/2020 12:45pm (Central Time)

(10:45am PT, 11:45am MT, 1:45pm ET)

Offered by: Art Online Sherita Sparrow
Program Description:
BONUS ART CLASS! - ( Monday, August 17) Painting HUMMINGBIRDS. This is the FREE QUARTERLY ART CLASS with Sherita just for SLN members! This is a fun and interactive painting class that offers step-by-step instructions. You'll create a beautiful painting at your own pace. No art experience required. Beginners through advanced participants welcomed. Materials needed for this class: The paint colors needed are red, blue, green, yellow, white and black. May use a canvas or white paper, a cup of water, paper towel, and paintbrushes.