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John Sutter and the Gold Rush
9/08/2020 12:45pm (Central Time)

(10:45am PT, 11:45am MT, 1:45pm ET)

Offered by: Sutters Fort Historic Park
Program Description:
Who was John Sutter, and what was his place in California and American History? Come to "Sutter's Fort" for a discussion about how and why he came to California, and the construction of Sutter’s Fort. Learn about the key events the Fort is tied to (overland migration by wagon, the rescue of the Donner Party, the Bear Flag Revolt, the Mexican-American War), the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill, and the destruction of Sutter’s Fort during the Gold Rush. Visit rooms including Sutter’s office, the Doctor’s office, Clerk’s office, and enjoy a few demonstrations by our host!